1 pc Smiley shape Chocolate Silicone Mold 15 Cavities

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Baking mould for 15 squares smiley face

1. It is made of environmental protection food grade silica gel, which can be used repeatedly.
2. Easy to demould and clean.
3. Various shapes, various uses, can be used to make cakes, chocolate, fudge, etc.


1. At the first time and at the end of each use, wash with hot water (diluted food detergent) or put into the dishwasher. Do not use abrasive detergent or foam for cleaning. Make sure that the silicone mold is thoroughly dried before each use and storage.

2. When baking, the silica gel mold should be opened on a flat baking plate. Do not let the mold dry baking, for example, a six mold, you only fill three mold, the other three mold must be filled with water. Otherwise, the mould will be burnt out and its service life will be reduced. In order to achieve the best baking effect, spray a small amount of wine on the surface of silica gel mold before baking.

3. When the baking is complete, remove the entire pan from the oven and place the baked product on the grill to be cooled until completely cold.

4. Silicone mold can only be used in oven, oven and microwave oven. It can not be directly used on gas or electricity, or directly above the heating plate or under the barbecue.

5. Do not use a knife or other sharp instruments on the silica gel. Do not press, pull or force each other.

6. Silica gel mold (because of static electricity), it is easy to absorb dust, when not in use for a long time, it is best to put it in a paper box in a cool place.

Silicon Moulds that are perfect as they do not crack easily as the plastic ones even while frozen.
Silicon moulds are foldable & can be stored easily to save space.
They also retain original shape when taken out.
It has Non-Stick Finish which will not retain Odours or Flavors.
Never use sharp metal tools to remove or cut food from the mould.
Never use mould on direct heat, stovetops, or hot plates.
Never clean with abrasive soaps or scouring pads.
To clean soak in warm soapy water & wipe clean.
It is Oven, Freezer and dishwasher safe.
Freezer Safe up to -50DegC & Oven Safe up to +220DegC & Dishwasher Safe.
Use in Microwave, OTG or Freezer.
Even-Heat Distribution & Quick even Cooling. 

Color: Brown (will be randomly sent)
Type: Bakeware Moulds & Tins
Material: Silicone
Country of Origin: India

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